Hi guys,

I would have two more questions.

I have a large amount of SACDs (2.0 and 5.1.) ripped with DSD64 stream and I want to convert them to flac 96/24.

1) I'm searching and researching and I'm getting conflicting statements. Some think you should use a low pass filter when converting from this format, others think it is better not to.

Since both the low-pass filter and any high-frequency noise that is still present afterwards can affect the sound in different ways, which would be the more recommendable option regardless of the equipment currently available. So even if I couldn't hear the difference now, I'd like to be prepared for a future equipment upgrade and choose the better sounding option now.

2) Is there an album/folder peak-to-peak autonormalize function for dBpoweramp when converting from dsf to flac? Found that the AuI ConverteR can do that. With dbPoweramp I could not find it.

Thanks again in advance and best regards