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Thread: Tunefusion: Tag handling different from dbPoweramp

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    Tunefusion: Tag handling different from dbPoweramp

    Hi, Spoon.

    When I convert from MP3 to WMA (9.2 Lossless) using dbPoweramp, all of the source file's tags appear in the destination file, as expected.

    But when I perform the same conversion using Tunefusion, I am surprised to see that only a few of the source's tags are copied to the destination:

    • Artist Name
    • Track Title
    • Album Title
    • Date
    • Genre
    • Album Artist
    • Track Number
    • Disc Number
    • Rating

    My Tunefusion sync is very minimal: No tag-related options are enabled, and the only DSP effect is ReplayGain (and FWIW, Tunefusion does write the ReplayGain tags to the destination file).

    Is this tag-filtering behavior expected when performing MP3 -> WMA conversion in Tunefusion? Is there a configuration option that I'm missing?

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    Re: Tunefusion: Tag handling different from dbPoweramp

    No filtering, will test for next release.

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    Re: Tunefusion: Tag handling different from dbPoweramp

    Sorry, can't reproduce.
    What exact tags are getting discarded?

    I tested Performer, Composer and Comment tags, they all came thru when converting from MP3 to WMA.

    I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve by converting MP3 to WMA Lossless. It's NOT lossless, you can't improve quality by converting to a lossless format - what was lost in MP3 encoding is lost forever, until you re-rip the CD to another format.

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