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Thread: coverting library. 2 errror messages

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    coverting library. 2 errror messages

    using version 16.6. original files are on a usb hard drive. converting original files (flac) to apple lossless with the target destination being a hard drive on a windows pc. its a big library. i have several pages of errors, but that is only a handful of albums. the errors are:

    error reading metadata
    unable to tag file
    error opening tag reader

    the files did convert and are playable on windows media player (haven't tried any other player yet)

    so the question is........can i ignore these errors or do i need to fix them. my expectation is that they are exact copies of the flac file with no degradation and that they will play on an apple computer , or any other machine that processes apple lossless files.

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    Re: coverting library. 2 errror messages

    The errors relate to the ID Tags, some of the metadata (not audio) must be corrupted.

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