Just got dBpoweramp Release 17.5 (1) and PerfectTUNES. On an old Mac Pro. All files as .aiff, finially gave up on iTunes for ripping and tagging. With 3000 albums on a NAS iTunes just couldn't keep up. It kept wanting to move all the media around (keep organized) etc. AccurateRip is much better.

One point of confusion though: Why can I not tag individual songs with years from online metadata? Especially because iTunes allows it. Seems standard enough. Each file can have it's own tag. For example the Elvis Presley compilation "ELV1S: 30 *1 Hits" has songs recorded and released ranging from 1956 to 1977. The compilation itself was released in 2002. I don't want Elvis music showing up in any 2000's playlists, and I'd love to have the proper years on the songs.

I don't understand why iTunes would /occassionally/ have the proper years per track, but it seems dBpoweramp won't. Where does iTunes get its metadata from? I would guess the same online places as dBpoweramp, no?

Is there a solution and I just started trying away before I looked hard enough... I hope so haha