I am in the process of moving from premium registered version 6 to V7
Setting it up from scratch on a RPi 4.

To be compliant with my old installation and archiving rules, I need to create about a dozen new database fields. For V6 I had it figured out, V7 still gives me problems.
- when is a database field just named as is, with no addition?
- when do I need the addition ,TEXT and how does that
interact with the browse tree
- same question goes for INTEGER (I have a few values, that are numbers, like my compilation tag - I mark it with a „1“. Or „quality“ - I distinguish from 44.1/16 up to 192/24.
- how do I achieve, that the browse tree stays unpopulated, when there is not item containing that very tag? Right now, the browse window is populated with other items, when the tag is not found in that section of the browse tree

Sometimes, adding or leaving out xxxxx,TEXT seems to alter the way, the value is displayed in the browse tree. So any advice is absolutely welcome!