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Thread: FLAC Lossless Uncompressed? Or Level 5?

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    FLAC Lossless Uncompressed? Or Level 5?

    Hello All-

    Why wouldn't you choose Lossless Uncompressed Encoding over the default Level 5?

    If you're going to the trouble to RIP your music wouldn't;t you want it as uncompressed as possible?

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    Re: FLAC Lossless Uncompressed? Or Level 5?

    You are misinterpreting what that means. All FLAC is lossless. Whether it is uncompressed, 5, or 8. The files are decoded for playback to the original pcm data from the CD. The encoder works a bit harder to compress to higher levels, but *decoding* is essentially the same regardless of compression level. Said another way, FLAC compression just relates to file size. It is NOT the same as lossy compression such as mp3.

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