Hello, my colleague and I are using Batch Ripper with a Nimbie NB-21 to rip homemade audio CDs that are part of archival collections. We disabled the metadata providers because these are not commercial recordings (often interviews) and we want to provide our own metadata. To prevent it from overwriting the tracks, we used a dynamic naming string that we found on this forum:

[IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][IFEQUALS]artist,Unknown Artist, [cddb_id][][][]\[album]\[track] [artist] - [title]

This works to prevent it from overwriting, but we are a little confused about the CDDB_ID value--what exactly is this referring to? How is the ID assigned?

We are wondering if there is a way to modify this string to incorporate a sequential number into the name instead of the CDDB_ID so that we can easily keep track of which folder corresponds to which CD.

Thank you in advance for your help!