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Thread: Powerfile C200

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    Powerfile C200

    Hi there, I am running an iMac from 2012 with High Sierra, that is via Firewire (IEEE 1394) connected to a Powerfile C200 to convert all my CDs to a music library on a Synology NAS. I have purchased dBpoweramp Music Converter & CD Ripper - Reference R17 Single Mac and Single PC given that I only realised later that Batchripper would only run on Windows. First, my iMac didnt like Windows 10 (I wasnt able to install it and may be have to try Windows 7 instead), then I used Virtual Box but struggled to find any driver that would allow me to use the Firewire connection (it was specific to iMacs). Is there any way to make this all work on my iMac or have I put myself into a corner that there is no way out of (I see references of people having somehow accomplished using the Powerfile C200 with BatchRipper and there seems to be a driver for it)? I have alternatively a Windows Toughbook, but that has no Firewire port again and would need some form of adapter which often is trouble in itself. Any idea how to best go about this - anyone with a similar setup who can give me some guidance how to best put this together? Thanks. A.
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    Re: Powerfile C200

    You will need a proper windows machine, firewire is notoriously impossible over virtual machines.

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