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Thread: Method to ignore albums

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    Method to ignore albums

    For several reasons I have a few albums that fall into the category of "Not present in AccurateRip" or "Cannot Check" due to mismatch of different track lengths. All of the latter are from digital download purchases. For both the likelihood of them ever being able to checked is very low.

    Is there a tag that could be added to these to have PerfectTUNES ignore them? This is basically so I don't have to scroll through them every time I am checking something new that is valid? For many reasons I don't want to pull these albums out of the folder structure they are in that is scanned so not a good option to remove the directory.

    Carlin Smith

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    Re: Method to ignore albums

    Noted, will implement for the next update.

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    Re: Method to ignore albums

    good idea. I have this too with lots of purchased downloads.

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