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Hi everyone, just thought I'd let you know that I think I've solved it! Bit of a strange one but it seems it's because I'm using the USB ports on the front of my pc (case)!? I thought I'd try using a different USB port by using one on the back of the pc directly connected to the motherboard and it seems to have solved it! Those two cd's are now both ripping with 'Accurate (200)' I presume this is good?!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed suggestions/advice. I hope this might help anyone else in the future.
Excellent news and yes, over 200 others have ripped that CD with the same result.

My USB powered adaptor is an old one with a second daisy-chained USB connector, they both need to be plugged in for the drive to work. We know that all USB aren't created equally and possibly your front USB socket is slightly noisy, or cannot deliver enough power. Pleased you've resolved your issue.

Happy ripping!