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Thread: New registered user with metadata / heuristics questions

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    New registered user with metadata / heuristics questions

    ... but first off, CD Ripper is really sweet!

    I have done a trial or two in years past, but was always either short on funds (or just stubborn) - I was ready to purchase this fine package for real, and got even more motivated after briefly trying one of the better-regarded free alternatives when seeking a "second opinion" on a funny rip... and there is no comparison!

    Before I get to my metadata musings, I wanted to mention something that [still] amazes me: even on the latest Windows 10 (+1, if I am being clear), I notice that while ripping (from my SATA-connected internal drive), the Windows Explorer is extremely vulnerable to becoming "locked up" and unresponsive, with the only recovery that seems to work being to log off and back on. :(

    <mini-rant>I have noticed this in some form across many releases of Windows, and feel that *whatever* the ripping app is doing, this should not be the result.</mini-rant>

    Next... while I know you are at the mercy of the metadata DBs, what is the deal with "Iron Butterffly" being solidly insisted on as both the Artist and Album Artist? Note that the other app I tried also made use of "GD3"...

    And then we have something I consider a bug-let (or is it a feature / setting?) - on a double album from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, I ended up with two folders named

    The Best Of Everything - The Definitive Career Spanning Hits Collection 1976-201
    The Best Of Everything; The Definitive Career Spanning Hits Collection 1976-2016

    ... nothing about "CD1" or "CD2" at all, and clearly "clipped" at 80 characters?

    Note that the metadata field "Album" for the tracks in both of the folders has a full unclipped string, which ends in ", Disc 1" and ", Disc 2" respectively - but both are also consistently sticking with either "Everything - The Definitive" or "Everything; The Definitive", depending on which of the 2 discs they came from.

    To be clear, I consider the clipping to 80 characters to be a bug-let, unless there for some reason is a setting to enforce that [short maximum] length... while the weird non-matching discs-within-the-double-album naming to just be weird metadata (I suppose).

    But there clearly is some mapping that is done to manufacture folder and file names from metadata, and maybe that could be a little more suspicious / assertive?

    Anyway, an amazingly useful app, and even though I have <300 discs, still for sure worth it from the [mostly] no-hassle aspect of doing lots of ripping... and the performance! Years ago, I acquired an already not-current ASUS DRW-24B1ST drive because it was reputed to be good for ripping, but it got up to 48x on the first of the Tom Petty discs! Of course, the 2nd disc only read at 7-14x, so go figure.

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    Re: New registered user with metadata / heuristics questions

    What is your naming string? Odds are the limit is in there.

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    Re: New registered user with metadata / heuristics questions

    Indeed, found it, had hoped that an "out-of-the-box" installation would not have option settings that discard information... but then, it didn't actually trash the metadata - just the filename, which can be easily restored.

    And I did suggest that there could be a setting to do this, but I [still] think it is an awfully short "maximum" value to use - I didn't have to even go looking hard for an album that ran afoul of this default, it just popped up in the first 20 or so CDs I was ripping.

    Thanks for the pointer / confirmation.

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    Re: New registered user with metadata / heuristics questions

    You know the limits of path lengths even in this modern times? A default value is a compromise always, no matter which one you choose.

    Dat Ei

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