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Thread: Track Number On Filname & Track Title?

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    Track Number On Filname & Track Title?

    I haven't gotten a ton of new CD's in the past couple years, so fiddling with different aspects manually when ripping in WMP hasn't been a major issue.

    But, I just "caught up" on about 28 CD albums I've missed over that time and would like to rip them without any manual fooling around.

    I tried FreeRIP, NCH and Exact Audio Copy and am now testing dBpoweramp CD Ripper.

    The main thing I'm after (other than getting the album art, which a couple of those other apps do NOT do)is to be able to have "(TrackNumber)-Filename" AND "(TrackNumber)-Title", with 01, 02, 02, etc then the hyphen with no spaces.

    Most of the above apps allow me to get the filenames right, but don't affect the Title.

    It isn't as much about the view in WMP, but for the view on my Jeep radio once I plug a USB stick in there.

    But this is how it should look when open in WMP.
    ACDC Tracks 1a.jpg

    And in explorer file view
    ACDC Tracks 1b.jpg

    Is this app capable of doing both?
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    Re: Track Number On Filname & Track Title?

    I have never heard of a car player using the title like that to order the tracks. It will either be:

    filename (ie 01-xx before 02-xx)
    order written to usb

    It cannot be two at the same time, you know which one it is?

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    Re: Track Number On Filname & Track Title?

    It's not that it orders them that way, I just like seeing the track number there. One of my many foibles.

    I also have separate versions of the albums for the Jeep that have Band Name-Album Name for the album name, since I use the Album view to select what I want.

    So far I have to edit the Title in WMP after the fact, which I'm hoping to avoid.

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    Re: Track Number On Filname & Track Title?

    To set the title:

    include the DSP effect ID Tag processing, on the manipulation tab, click 'set' for rule based manipulation and add into the white box:

    IF Title=[anyvalue]
    SET Title=[track]-[title]

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    Re: Track Number On Filname & Track Title?

    Thank you!!! That is exactly what I was after.

    It did add a duplicate "01-" to the beginning of the filename, like WMP used to do (IIRC) when I added "01-" to the track title before ripping.

    This was easily fixed by changing the criteria under Naming by removing "[track]-".

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