Using the converter (single file, using right click contextual) converting mp3 to mp3, to recover some corrupt files, an issue:

If the source file corruption is in the middle of the file, the dBpa converter only converts as far as the corrupt frames. So if you have a 6 minute file with the corruption 30 seconds from the beginning, only the first 30 seconds is converted.

Playing the corrupt file in Foobar, it plays the entire file with a glitch or dropout where the corrupt frame(s) is.

Converting the corrupt file from mp3 to mp3 with Foobar 2000 with the right click conversion using the Lame encoder as downloaded from the link in Hydrogen, it also converts the whole file with a glitch or dropout at the corrupt point, the end conversion is not corrupt. The encoder gives an error message saying there was a problem, but it converts the entire file.

Is it possible to have the dBpa converter convert the whole file in the same way as Foobar 2000? Yes, I'll attempt to find a copy without corruption, but a converted file with a glitch or dropout is better for me than part of a file.

I was using the variable bitrate option of the encoder with both programs.

Thank you