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Thread: Any Tips to Speed Up Synchronisation?

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    Any Tips to Speed Up Synchronisation?

    I have around 25,000 tracks in my music collection and just bought TuneFUSION to help me with synchronization of the backup, and my car USB drive.

    I have a NAS drive on my network which has the master copy, a backup, and I occasionally run a backup from the NAS to a hard drive that I keep offsite.

    I've probably not got the system running perfectly, but it's been working fine using Replicator.

    I realise that backing up over the network will be slower.

    Having just set TuneFUSION running, I wonder if there are any settings that might speed up the synchronization (or non synchronization) of files that already exist?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Any Tips to Speed Up Synchronisation?

    There is no setting for this, TuneFusion has to process the files, even if they exist already.

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