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Thread: Lost the plot - or more likely never found it

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    Question Lost the plot - or more likely never found it

    Somehow I managed to use foobar2000 and I'm sure I got my albums from my Win10 desktop onto my iphone and playable by foobar2000. After messing about I failed to sync properly again and ended up being taken to the tunefusion install - so I installed the trial for that as I just couldn't reproduce what I did the first time. I then after faffing about syncing several times I acquired 2 then 3 then 4 identical copied of each track. At this point I removed everything but this time just using tunefusion I now have just one copy of each track and in foobar2000 phone app my albums are under Tunefusion Library with nothing under foobar2000 Music Library

    I think what I never got is the relationship between the two programs.

    What additional functionality is TF providing me with on the phone AND windows over foobar2000*** I feel stuck in between two (i'm not averse to buying it however a pointer to what it is doing vs foobar would be helpful)

    ps I have foobar2000 on windows and started adding albums to playlists (still on Windows) however with 42gig I would be at that task for a very long time. My impression is that tunefusion seemed to find all my albums/track then sync and organise everything ONCE BUT on my phone.

    I hope someone could spend a minute or two educating me on this dilemma (second thoughts it might take quite a few minutes ;-)

    *** I get all the cool stuff foobar2000 does managing track contents etc - but in the album organisation area is where I've lost it

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    Re: Lost the plot - or more likely never found it

    That is exactly it, TuneFUSION syncronizes your music collection onto your phone. If you have 42 GB then you will have to be selective in your synchronizations, you can set TF to exclude all artists except the ones you choose.

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    Re: Lost the plot - or more likely never found it

    I use foobar2000 as a player on my windows machines. I use foobar2000 mobile on my iPhone and iPad. I use TuneFusion to setup up synching of songs from my local library to my iThings, while automatically converting my FLAC files to lossy files, embedding artwork, and re-doing the ReplayGain calcs. The TuneFusion synching has nothing to do with foobar2000 on my windows machine (it's all based on TuneFusion referencing the files on my harddrive). Once on my iThings, the music shows up under "TuneFusion Library". TuneFusion can automate things in various ways (random additions, etc.). I understand that foobar2000 has some mechanism for synching with foobar2000 mobile as well, but this is a different approach from using TuneFusion. I don't use the other approach so can't speak to its pros and cons. But as a longtime dbpa user, I do like the way TuneFusion functions.

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