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Thread: how to rip music from reel to reel tapes

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    how to rip music from reel to reel tapes

    want to rip my reel to reel tapes. how do i set up computer to do that. as cds just need to be inserted. thank you

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    Re: how to rip music from reel to reel tapes

    Something like this:

    1. The computer would need an analog audio input and recording software installed.
    2. Connect the analog audio output of a reel to reel player to the analog audio input of the computer.
    3. Configure the recording software e.g. sample rate, bit rate, recording source to analog audio input, adjust the level, then click record.
    4. Press play on the reel to reel player.
    5. When complete, in the recording software save the recorded audio to a file format of your choice.

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