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Thread: AR (1) Secure

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    AR (1) Secure


    Just want to check my thinking is correct here.

    I have a CD that currently has 1x AccurateRip entry in the database.

    I ripped the CD myself and all results are Accurate (1), except one track which is returned as AR (1) Secure.

    Track 11: Ripped LBA 189722 to 224912 (7:49) in 1:10. Filename: ...\Stacie Orrico\Live in Japan\11 Maybe I Won't Look Back.flac
    AccurateRip: Inaccurate (confidence 1) Secure [Pass 1, Ultra 1 to 2]
    CRC32: EDFA283B AccurateRip CRC: 0E1F05DF (CRCv2) [DiscID: 015-00252fef-01afe8f3-c3129210-11]

    Now as I like to test, I got these same results with TWO different drives and TWO different CDs.

    Does this mean the person with the AccurateRip entry for this track likely has a bad rip for that track, and mine is the good one?

    It will have nothing to do with pressings because it is only one track and not the whole CD.


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    Re: AR (1) Secure

    Most likely yes.

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