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Thread: Old (but new) iHAP422 - worth it to use?

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    Question Old (but new) iHAP422 - worth it to use?

    A bunch of years ago, I bought a LITE-ON iHAP422-98 9 to eventually build an accurate ripping machine. But. Life intrudes and it has sat unused for all those years and I've continued to just rip with whatever computer I had handy. I bought this drive because it checked all the boxes for accurate stream, caching, C2 errors, HTOA, and overread. Question: Is it worth it to try to put together a system around this drive for ripping my library to FLAC + cue sheets (I have most of the needed components including a motherboard with PATA), or should I just buy a drive from the 2019 accurate drive list (the ASUS?) and be done with it? I would like as accurate a rip as possible, such that if I wanted to, I could reverse the procedure and burn a CD that was as close as possible to the original (gaps and all). All ideas welcome, I've been out of the game for a while, so may be ignorant of current trends & tools. Thanks.

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    Re: Old (but new) iHAP422 - worth it to use?

    With AccurateRip, almost any drive will work fine. Key is that different drives may behave differently with different CDs. Always good to have 2 or 3 possible drives. Sometimes a $5 cheap drive will rip a CD that a more expensive drive will not.

    BOTTOM LINE. if dBpa reports accuraterip match, you are good to go.

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