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Thread: Convert playlists for NAS server?

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    Question Convert playlists for NAS server?

    Convert playlists for NAS server?


    I manage my music collection with Mediamonkey (Gold). Now, due to an update of the ripper, I am considering buying PerfectTunes. Above all, I find it interesting to synchronise my (very extensive) music collection including playlists (generated in Mediamonkey) with the NAS on the Fritzbox, in order to then access it with other devices or via the Internet using DLNA.

    At the moment, this works simply by copying, the Fritzbox then builds up the databases. Unfortunately, this does NOT work with the playlists I made myself, because of course the storage locations are different. At the same time, many devices can't cope with my mass of music, which is why ONLY playlists work there.

    Can PerfectTunes do this? So when copying playlists from one location to another, can it convert them into "relative" playlists suitable for the new storage location? AND / OR maybe copy music files based on playlists only? I don't need access to the whole archive everywhere, the lists are enough...

    Thanks for answers.


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    Re: Convert playlists for NAS server?

    PerfectTUNES would not sync collections, TuneFusion can do this, however it cannot update playlists. The location of files on a device would appear to a serving program on that NAS as different to the network share (they do not access their own files through a network share).

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