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Thread: Update questions / codecs

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    Question Update questions / codecs

    Update questions


    I have version 16.6 of CD-Ripper and Converter. However, the choice of metadata is somewhat limited, so I am considering an update. I have a few questions about this:

    1. new metadata providers are listed in the screenshots. However, freedb and discogs no longer appear. Has something fallen away there? And what exactly has been added? Is it even worth updating if there are others, but hardly any more? What are the reasons for the omission (if any)?

    2. is there any other added value of the new version? Or do I have to fear any restrictions?

    3. are there any concrete patch notes from 16.6 to the current version?

    4. should I decide to update, can I simply install over it? What about my (complex!) settings? Will they be taken over completely?

    5 (not only update) Recently I could not convert a WMA file. There was a reference to additionally installable codecs directly from the DB Poweramp page. However, I was not able to find them. Where can I get such additional codecs (on the Poweramp page)?

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: Update questions / codecs

    Hey Schmollo,

    here are a lot of infos concerning the changes: clickclack!

    My main reason to upgrade from R16 to R17 has been the integration of new metadata providers which have substituted older ones which have quitted their service.

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Update questions / codecs

    3. Full change logs: https://www.dbpoweramp.com/Version-Changes-DMC.htm
    4. Settings are preserved
    5. WMA is included as standard now with R17.

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