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Thread: CD Ripper sometimes distorts tracks

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    CD Ripper sometimes distorts tracks

    I just upgraded from an older version of your software to the latest version 17.3.

    The problem, which began with the older version of the software, is that often a track will not rip accurately. There will be skips, jumps, repeats and the like making the track unlistenable. So, I purchased a newer version hoping to resolve the problem. It didnít help. The reason I believe the problem lies with your software is because I can use my LEAW Music Recorder and record the track as being played with Windows Media Player. I am using Windows 10 (21H1) x64 but the same thing has happened with Windows 7 x64 which I also currently use on another PC.

    The most recent event was today right after I upgraded your software. I wanted to rip Track 14, Disc 1, of Van Morrisonís ďLatest Record Project Volume 1Ē. As I say, it would not rip with CD Ripper but it would play in Windows Media Player. So, I am at a loss. I spent $34 for a multiple PC upgrade.

    I have a very good PC with an AMD 8 core CPU, AMD RX 580 Graphics Card, two Blu-ray players, 32 Gigs of RAM and an ASUS Sabretooth 900FX R2 MB. So, it isnít my PC.

    I love your Music Converter and all it does. But, I am not very happy with the CD Ripper. It just ruins audio books. In fact, before I realized it was your software that was causing my problems, I returned two audio books I had purchased thinking they were defective. Now, I donít think that was the case at all. I like to keep all my music, etc., on a hard drive for convenience.

    So, now what?

    Thank you.

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    Re: CD Ripper sometimes distorts tracks

    The first step is to reset dBpoweramp to default settings, there is possibly 10000 combinations that could distort the output, run:


    Check the box to clear settings, then reinstall. For the first disc, rip on default settings, and try. If that works enable the secure ripping option (but not c2 pointers), you should be getting accuraterip verifications.

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