Hi there,
I have been using DBPoweramp (CD Ripper) and Perfect Tunes (Album Art) to import CD's and refine the data after import. Everything is saved as FLAC files on a separate media PC on my home network. I have had no problems for many years, great products!
But the other day I attempted to update the album art on previously imported albums. I took photos of the CD cover art (using my iPhone, taking a "square photo") and uploaded these to a temporary folder on my PC. All good, they were the right way up (and did not need to be cropped or adjusted in any way). But when I used Prefect Tunes (Album Art) to upload the photos to the music file, the photos were rotated anticlockwise through 90 degrees, and are displayed incorrectly when I play my music. I tried rotating the photos clockwise 90 degrees on my PC and uploading to the music files again, but this did not fix the problem, they still display in correctly in my media library.
How can I fix this please?
As a side note, I did a similar exercise several years ago (for example, in 2010), without any problems. However, I was using a different camera which took rectangular photos that had to be cropped.