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Thread: CD Ripper issue

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    CD Ripper issue

    I set up dBpoweramp a few weeks ago, and have successfully ripped over 2000 cd's since.
    A couple days ago, I unplugged my computer during a lightning storm, and when I plugged it back in, CD Ripper ceased to function.
    I have read all the information on the illustrate website, but I can not find any mention of this problem.
    Every time I put a music cd into my cd drive for ripping, a window pops up with the headline 'Configure AccurateRip'.
    Since that's what I want to do, I click the 'Configure' button in the window, and in a few seconds,
    another window pops up with the headline 'AccurateRip' that reads:
    This Key Disc cannot be used for offset detection it does not match the AccurateRip stored disc,
    or your drive does not exist in AccurateRip and this disc has multiple pressings stored. Please try a different Key Disc.
    This is the same drive that is ripping the same FLAC path to the same external hard drive that I have used for the previous 2000 cd's.
    Can anyone please help with this frustrating situation? Thanks

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    Re: CD Ripper issue

    You need to keep feeding CDs until AR configures.

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