I just got a Nimbie USB Plus to aid in my archiving project.

I've followed all the steps to load the Nimbie drivers - it is showing up in Device Manager as an Autoloader with drivers sorted.

Then I've followed the instructions on the Batch Ripper page - installed the Nimbie Batch Ripper Driver v6
Gone into the Batch Ripper config and set the Loading method to Nimbie.

Launched Batch Ripper, selected the Nimbie Drive, set my profile that I want to use.
Then when I press Rip, it says loading CD and it loads up the first disc and does the rip as expected.
Spits out the finished disc.
Gets stuck at the loading part of the next disc.

If I restart my computer, I can then get it to rip another disc. But, this isn't particularly helpful as you can imagine
I'm sure it is one tiny config thing I missed, but I've been futzing with it for nearly 2 hours now and need a little help!

Many thanks!!