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Thread: Can't edit tags on .wv compressed DSF aufio files

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    Question Can't edit tags on .wv compressed DSF aufio files

    Hi everybody,
    first of all sorry if I posted on the wrong sub-forum but I can't find a sub-forum for the Edit ID Tags dbPoweramp application.
    Currently I'm running a registered instance of dbPoweramp Reference R17.3 on Windows 10 64-bit.
    When right-clicking on a .wv compressed DSF audio file and choosing "Edit ID Tags", I can't see any of the tags: it seems like the file has no tag but it actually has; I created the file compressing a .dsf using WavPack 5.4.0 and then I added it to JRiver Media Center and tagged it.
    If I use Edit ID Tags to edit some of the blank tags and then click OK I receive no error message but tags are not saved.
    Edit ID Tags works flawlessly with other audio files, including .wv compressed PCM audio files.
    Am I missing something ?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Can't edit tags on .wv compressed DSF aufio files

    What size is the file?

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    Apr 2021

    Re: Can't edit tags on .wv compressed DSF aufio files

    Well, I have many hundreds of those files and none of them that I've tried did work.
    Currently I'm testing a 49,3 MB file (2:40 of DSD64 2.0).
    I can edit tags with JRiver and foobar without any problem.
    Sorry: I must correct what previosly wrote: tags are saved but not read.
    I founded out that, after the file tags being edited with dbPoweramp, changes I made are saved to the file (and other filled fields preserved) but, when the file is opened for editing again, they are not displayed (i.e. only the basic fields are displayed and all are empty).
    Thank you for your support.
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