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Thread: Tracks numbering

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    Tracks numbering

    I am a new user of this tool and have a problem with the track numbers.
    Does anybody know how to only extract the track number with 2 digits (fx. 02) and not with the total number like what I get now 2/10?
    I can't seem to find a setting that allows me that??

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    Re: Tracks numbering

    Extract it how? how are you using track number and in which program?

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    Re: Tracks numbering

    In cd ripper options, select Metadata & Tag options, in bottum of this menu you can check: pad track number two digits, tracknumber without track count, etc

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    Re: Tracks numbering

    Hi both Spoon and mdpu
    Sorry for the late reply, but MDPU solved my problem. Many thanks.

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