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Thread: AccurateRip Database for DVD/BR?

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    AccurateRip Database for DVD/BR?

    Hello there. Many people rip their CDs and are able to verify their files against the AR database to ensure that their rips are completely error-free and lossless - is there any sort of database available for DVD and even Blu-Ray/UHD ripping that does the same thing nowadays? Users are able to rip video files using programs such as MakeMKV, but programs like that don't seem to have any feature like this. Does anybody know if there are other programs out there which can do this, or is the feature for some reason not needed on these types of discs?

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    Re: AccurateRip Database for DVD/BR?

    It is not needed, the filesystem of a DVD has high levels of error detection, if the file was corrupted it would likely tell you.

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    Re: AccurateRip Database for DVD/BR?

    If you were worried you could sort of do your own "AccurateRip" and rip the disc twice (or more) using a different drive and then do a bit comparison.

    Not worth it though - ripping and encoding FLAC from a concert Blu-ray takes me a good 90 minutes per disc. I believe in addition to far superior error handling, the file structure of DVD's and Blu-ray are far more complex than CD-ROM.

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