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Thread: Do you think including name of artist in track is unnecessary

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    Do you think including name of artist in track is unnecessary

    I'm not sure if I want the name of the artist in the beginning of the track.
    The only time I would find this useful is when I put certain tracks from various albums into a folder in my Music folder in Android.

    However this would make things inconvenient when I try to listen songs by the album. When I tap on a folder of an album and see all tracks there, since I already know that the artist is same for all the tracks in that folder, the name of artist at the beginning of track name only gets in the way and hides the full name of the name of the track.

    However when I think of making a "playlist" folder by putting in individual tracks from various albums, it could help to know who the artist is at the beginning of the track.

    Or could the name of the songs be unique enough most of the time that should I not be worrying about not being able to identify or distinguish a song in a playlist folder?

    Eventually I do want to move to a more graceful way of listening to music than:
    1. Using Android File Transfer to put my music into (I use a Mac).
    2. Going into the Folders section in a music player app and clicking on album folders or custom playlist folders to play music.

    If I could use something like iTunes on Android I wouldn't have to worry about this because the name of artist if included in track appears only when accessing the music by folders...

    What do you think? Would having the artist titles be better?

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    Re: Do you think including name of artist in track is unnecessary

    I wholly browse by tags - and any playlists I do have are just .m3u8 so the tags are exposed there too - so I just use %discnumber%.%tracknumber%, which means I don't have silly long filenames or have to worry about illegal OS characters.

    I don't listen to music on my android device as I have a portable player, but if I did I'd probably start with BubbleUPnP as it's my control point of choice, that or I have used Poweramp, both of which will surface the tags.

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    Re: Do you think including name of artist in track is unnecessary

    Completely unnecessary in all my use cases. My home LMS server or Roon server, foobar2000 at the office or on my mobile devices (iphone or ipad) or music app on my iphone or ipad.

    does foobar2000 mobile run on an Android. If so, that's the answer!

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