I've been having this problem for a few weeks/a month now. I never had this problem before, the sync profile keeps saying: Last Sync Incomplete. When I start the sync manually (which I always do) it says 'Waiting for Device...' and after many minutes if will go to 'Idle' and eventually to 'Last Sync Incomplete'. The software never really worked automatically for me, so that's why I always start the profile manually. Sometimes it then would just run, but often I had to go to the Foobar Mobile app and under 'Tools\Sync with TuneFUSION' I toggled the switch to off (paused) back on (Idle). Then manually starting my sync again on my Windows PC and then it would start syncing.

I checked all the logs, but nothing that mentions is helping me to identity the issue. The developers might be able to see what is going wrong depending on the logs obviously. So if requested I can send them.

Thanks in advance