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Thread: slow nimby load and unload times

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    slow nimby load and unload times

    Hello --

    First of all : Love this software!

    I am using Batch Ripper with a Nimby USB.

    The load times and unload times are on the order of 2 to 3 minutes each (since the beginning). So it is like this:

    2 minutes to load
    rips are screaming
    1.5 minutes to unload

    I know it has to be better than this!

    Today, I noticed this:

    When I started batch ripper, the internal cd rom drive drawer opened. It also will not stay closed if I close it.

    So, it seems that the OS (or something) may be interacting with both drives (it would make sense to me that this could cause a slowdown).

    I am running on a Dell Inspiron and Windows 7.

    Has anyone ever seen this?

    More importantly, does anyone know how to fix this?


    PS Sorry for double post -- posting this into "how do I" was a newby error.

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    Re: slow nimby load and unload times

    Has it always been that slow? on the Batch Ripper configuration program, edit that drive and test the load and unload manually.

    If you have the internal drive configured in Batch Ripper, remove it.

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    Re: slow nimby load and unload times

    It has always been so slow.

    Its a new unit.

    At this point, I am more suspicious of the driver provided by the manufacturer than I am of dbPoweramp software.

    I suppose I will also search around for any similar kinds of issues reported by users of the Windows 7 OS. It is possible that the device management is getting confused.

    Hardware acting like this indicates something that is is lower level than I presume batch ripper to be.

    Was just looking to see if any other Dell / Win7 user had ever seen this. Just my good luck I suppose. HA!

    So, they sent me here as part of their "we don't know" .... it is annoying , but I am still a happy camper when I look at the ever growing pile of discs processed.

    I will do the tests you ask, and only the nimbie is configured.

    Thanks for the rapid reply. This is a good forum IMHO.

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    Re: slow nimby load and unload times

    You can try the apps supplied with the nimbie, to see what speed they can load and load at.

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