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Thread: Album split in two parts

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    Album split in two parts


    I have AssetUPnP running on a Raspi accessing my TrueNAS media folders. Usually all albums there are in one folder. But why does Asset split one album / one folder in two separate albums where one has 6 tracks and the other one has 3? I do not understand any reason on my side for this mistake in indexing. Any ideas?


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    Re: Album split in two parts

    Because often people have albums which have the same name, such as 'Greatest hits' and no indication they are compilation albums. At a guess 99.999% of people have albums always in the same folders, so it is an easy assumption that albums are identified both by album name and location.

    In your case this is not the case, so there is an option on the configuration page 'Album Defined by Folder', uncheck it.

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