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Thread: AAC track dropouts with Cambridge Audio 851N

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    Question AAC track dropouts with Cambridge Audio 851N


    I recently picked up a Cambridge Audio 851N and have set up Asset 7.2 on a Linux machine (running Debian 10). All of my audio tracks are AAC files from iTunes.

    The 851N can play all the files, see their metadata, and grab (most of -- another question for later) the artwork from them. This is great.

    What is not so great is that when Asset is set to stream the AAC files "as-is", about 25% of the time there is a skip/dropout/tempo change for a split second within the first couple seconds of starting a new track. If I skip back a few tracks and forward to the same track again then it plays just fine. I originally thought this was my amplifier detecting a change in the digital input rate, but I'm now using an analog RCA connection to the amp and I still get the dropouts.

    What is interesting is that if I configure Asset to transcode the AAC files to WAV (PCM) then the playback is perfect.

    Does anybody have any ideas as to what could be going on here? I've asked CA about the issue as well and I'm waiting for their reply.


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    Re: AAC track dropouts with Cambridge Audio 851N

    The issue will be the 851N trying to decode the AAC file, when as Wav Asset is decoding it for the 851N.

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