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Thread: Multiple Issues after CDRipper purchase

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    Multiple Issues after CDRipper purchase


    After my trial of dBPowerAmp I purchased the multiple PC version of CDRipper. For about a day I couldn't get it to open at all after several installs and reboots. Finally got it to open and the format I've been wanting to use, FLAC, is now no longer an option in the "Rip To" drop down box. Very frustrated, as dBPowerAmp's user friendliness and seamless performance is what convinced me to pay for it, only to have it fail repeatedly after buying it.

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    Re: Multiple Issues after CDRipper purchase

    Restart your computer in 'safe mode with networking' then reinstall the registered version, if this works without issue then you have something like security software which is removing dBpoweramp.


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