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Thread: Cover art stopped saving

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    Cover art stopped saving

    So I've been using the trial version of CD Ripper and everything was going smoothly so I went ahead and purchased a license.

    I am not 100% sure of the timing but around the time I installed the registered version my album art stopped saving. It is not in the metadata and there no longer is the cover.jpg file in the output directory (I changed the default).

    I almost always tweak the text metadata and more often than not I choose an alternative cover (using the internet option). I am saving to Apple Lossless on Mac OS Catalina.

    I have a couple of 200+ cd boxed sets (Complete works of xxxx) to rip and this is slowing me down. I copy the art to the clipboard, then create a file and use a tagger to apply the artwork to the tracks. I'd really not have to do this

    I've checked the setting and don't see anything obvious.

    Any and all help appreciated.

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    Re: Cover art stopped saving

    When you load a disc in CD Ripper, does it show album art?

    Also CD Ripper >> cd ripper options >> metadata and id tags

    On the ID Tags page, ensure 'Album art' has a check mark.

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    Re: Cover art stopped saving

    When I load a CD it shows album art but often the wrong one of my boxed set, so I click on the button and "choose from internet" to find the correct one. I then click on that and the proper artwork shows in the box.

    Yes, in the ID Tags window the Album Art is checked. I changed the default file name to cover.jpg from the drop down.

    I tried ripping using the default artwork presented, but no joy there.

    This weekend I will download the trial version on my laptop and see if that works any differently.

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    Re: Cover art stopped saving

    I downloaded the trial again on the same computer and re-ripped the last disk I tried with the paid version.

    The trial worked fine, loaded "cover.jpg" and applied it to all tracks.

    Color me mystified

    I will use the trial version for the 17 days I have left. Hopefully by then we'll have a solution.

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    Re: Cover art stopped saving

    Try to redownload the registered version and install, you should have R17.4

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    Re: Cover art stopped saving

    I have version R17.4. I re-downloaded my registered version and installed it. The cover art isn't saved to the tracks and the cover image isn't saved to the folder.

    If I launch the trial version -- also R17.4 -- the cover art is saved.

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