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Thread: Command line adaptability ?

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    Mar 2021

    Command line adaptability ?

    I'm searching for a software that could convert mp3 files with unspecified names from the command line ?

    I saw this example online :

    C:\>"c:\program files\illustrate\dBpoweramp\coreconverter.exe" -infile="c:\afile.wav" -outfile="c:\outfile.mp3" -convert_to="mp3 (Lame)" -V 2

    Does it work with *.wav and *.mp3 ?

    If not, is there a software (from Illustrate?) that could do exactly that ? Any solution would be amazing!

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Command line adaptability ?

    You cannot pass wildcards (*) into the coreconverter, it converts one file at a time.

    You could use something like Powershell to write your own script to send the files one at a time.

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