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Thread: How to Convert *.Mp3 Files to *.cda

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    How to Convert *.Mp3 Files to *.cda

    How the hell do you do it- totally lost !!

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    Re: How to Convert *.Mp3 Files to *.cda

    cda is not really an audio file format (look at the size in file explorer), but a link to the audio files on an Audio CD. Convert your files to wave and use a program to generate Audio CDs.
    But nevertheless you will not get teh quality of a CD, because mp3 is not a lossless codec

    Dat Ei

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    Re: How to Convert *.Mp3 Files to *.cda

    You don't even need to convert the files. Most CD Burning software will let you add MP3 files to an audio cd project, then convert the files automatically when burning the CD.

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