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Thread: hangs sometimes on "Retrieving CD Metadata"

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    hangs sometimes on "Retrieving CD Metadata"

    We rip a lot of archives for customers with dbpoweramp.
    It's the best software out there.

    Please tell your programmer to shorten the timeout when receiving metadata.
    Or make an option somewhere where you can set that. (Timeout for receiving = 30 seconds)
    It happens again and again that the program hangs up for 5 to 8 minutes when receiving the metadata.
    And that depends exclusively on specific CDs.
    One of 300. This also happens with the specific CD if you use a completely different PC with different drives.
    The specific CD apparently drives the databases crazy.

    Or give the chance to cancel retrieving metadata.
    That would be helpful. Thank you.

    Strangely, that doesn't happen with the Nimbie.

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    Re: hangs sometimes on "Retrieving CD Metadata"

    Uncheck the providers until you find which one is slow.

    You need R17 to have full metadata retrieval.

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