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Thread: ID3 Editor

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    ID3 Editor

    I am working on redoing some ID3 tags (metadata). I want to open up a song file, make my edits and move to the next song without having to close and reopen the next song. When I move forward, it should save my changes and move to the next song. Am I doing something wrong? Seems there should be a NEXT or Forward button. Can you tell me how to do this so it'll save me a lot of time?

    Also, how can I make only the fields I want, show up as editable? For every song, I keep having to add "Comment". I want that on every song. Surely there must be a way to customize my view. Again, I'm sure there is but I'm not finding it.


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    Re: ID3 Editor

    You are probably better with perfect tunes and it&*8217;s tag editor for mass tag editing.

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