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Thread: Converting to an external drive

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    Question Converting to an external drive


    I've been using CD Ripper and Batch Converter quite happily for some years on my MacBook. I rip the CDs and then run BC to place the AAC files in the directory so they are automatically added to the Music library when I next open the Music app. In the past, everything has been located on my internal SSD drive. This previously worked fine with iTunes and the method survived both the change from iTunes to Music and the recent upgrade to Big Sur. However, that Big Sur upgrade was rather problematical, which has led to my current issue.

    I decided to move my Music library to an external drive (called "Music Library"). I have done this and Music is picking up the re-located library OK. However, I can't get BC to put the converted files in the "Automatically Add to Music" folder on the external drive. If I direct BC to the correct path I just get the errors:

    Error converting to m4a FDK (AAC), 'Music/WAV Rips/National, The/Cherry Tree/01 Wasp Nest.wav' to '/Music Library/Music/Music/Media/Automatically Add to Music.localized/01 Wasp Nest.m4a'
    Error: Unable to create output folder '/Music Library/Music/Music/Media/Automatically Add to Music.localized/', error code: 30. [dBCoreConverter]

    and so on for every track.

    I know that if I put the files manually into the folder, the Music app picks them up correctly and adds them to its library. How can I get BC to put them there directly as it used to do when everything was on the internal drive?

    Thanks, Peter

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    Re: Converting to an external drive

    Check that this exact location exists:

    /Music Library/Music/Music/Media/Automatically Add to Music.localized

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