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Thread: New user - question re cache

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    New user - question re cache

    As a complete novice to CD ripping I have spent some time reading through the various posts and documentation to get a reasonable understanding, and have a question, having now ripped some CDs to see how it works.

    I started off by trying to use the built-in CD drive in my new Dell PC but it didn't want to work out the offset, so I tried an old external Samsung drive and that works ok.

    One point I'm not clear on is the cache, which appears to be important when secure-ripping. I ran the dBpoweramp routine to check the cache and it reported:

    Drive does not appear to cache, no cache clearing will be used.
    Test time without re-read: 12750 ms. Test time with re-read: 170953 ms.

    I then noticed the option to get the CD ROM Technical Details. It didn't mention cache but it reported a Buffer Size of 2MB.

    I see in the instructions it says that "detection for USB drives is not too good". As the external Samsung drive is USB connected does that mean I should ignore the results from the dBpoweramp Cache Detection and assume a cache size of 2MB, or is Buffer different to Cache?

    I have attached screen prints of the relevant bits.


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    Re: New user - question re cache

    buffer is different from drive caching. I recall spoon saying 1024 cache size is a safe assumption no matter what. But maybe I have that number wrong. Someone else can chime in.

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    Re: New user - question re cache

    Yes 1024 KB is a safe value for drive caching removal.

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