Hi all,

I've been using dBpoweramp to rip my audiobook collection to my hard drive, and it's proving very useful, way better than the way I used to do it with iTunes.

However, one disc that I'm trying to rip right now is throwing up something strange: when I insert the disc into my drive, it takes about 4 or 5 minutes for all the disc's tracks to show up in dBpoweramp (normally this takes about 10 seconds.) Then when I begin ripping the disc, track 1 gets stuck at 1% for another 5ish minutes, before the disc is auto-ejected and gives me the error message for all tracks: "Unable to read CD, check CD disc".

To my eyes, the CD is pristine, no visible scratches/smudges and I have cleaned it with a screen cloth. I have tried ripping both with c2 pointers enabled and disabled, as well as ripping in burst mode, but no joy. Does anyone have any suggestions before I'm forced to buy another copy of the cd?

Using a Macbook Pro with Apple Superdrive. All other discs for the same CD have been ripping fine.