I have a strange issue. I'm using the latest version of Asset UPnP to stream from my Synology DS218+

This relates to two apps on my Android phone: Cambridge Audio's StreamMagic and Denon's HEOS.

For some reason, when queuing music on those apps, the artist listed against each track in the Queue list is the "album artist" rather than the "track artist". When casting those queues to my Cambridge Audio CXN v2 the "track artist" is correctly displayed on the panel, however when casting to my Denon hi-fi the "album artist" is incorrectly displayed.

When streaming via Synology's own media server to these same apps, the "track artist" is displayed correctly.

It's difficult to do an exact side-by-side comparison because there some display/browing differences between the two, but it does seem to be an issue at the Asset end.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a reason? Can it be corrected?