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Thread: Sample Rate conversion for MP3 not working

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    Sample Rate conversion for MP3 not working

    I got a complaint from one of our radio broadcasters that the files I'm sending them are NOT 48k. All of the production we do is at 44.1k/24bit and all other radio networks are taking 44.1k/256kbps MP3. This network wants 48k/112kbps which is easy to do within my saved settings, adding 16bit dithering and change to 48k from 44.1k. However, once I got the complaint I verified the files encoded for them and they are, in fact, 44.1k.

    After a little more research, I confirmed that this is ONLY happening when converting to MP3, as any WAV files I send them do convert to 48k/16bit. Can someone else verify this for me? In the mean time, I'm going to have to use another encoder for the files I send them.

    Currently using v17.4 for Mac


    I also posted this in the "Music Converter" forum.


    Just confirmed this is ONLY happening with MP3 conversion. I checked some older encodes I did to AAC from 96k WAV and they're at 48k.

    Again, I'd appreciate it if anyone else can confirm this.

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