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Thread: CD Ripper - Having trouble getting started after a couple years away.

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    Sep 2010

    CD Ripper - Having trouble getting started after a couple years away.

    I's been a couple years since I last used CD Ripper, and I'm having trouble getting going. After a couple failed attempts I upgraded to R17.3. Figured having current version can't hurt any worse.

    I use Multi-encoder, encoding to FLAC and AAC compressed. Problem seems to be with AAC encoder selection. I think I recall that I used to use Nero AAC encoder. When I open my default settings, the encoder is shown as m4a FDK (AAC), which does not ring a bell, and I'm not sure I ever used or downloaded that encoder. When I try to configure the settings for that encoder, the new window shows the encoder as "Wave", so something is not right.

    If I try to change that to m4a Nero (AAC) I can store settings, but after I change to the Nero encoder, the "Rip" button does not seem to make the rip process start.

    I also suspect I have some other security software not playing nicely with DBPowerAmp. I un-installed Acronis True image; it has a function that was not playing nicely with CDGrab.

    DBPowerAmp gets into a state where it looks unresponsive. TO exit I have to kill it from System Manager, it will not exit elegantly on it's own.

    I also have tried deleting the .m4a encoder and re-adding the Nero encoder, when I add the Nero encoder, I am able to set most parameters, but I am unable to includ ethe "volume Normalize" CSP Effect.

    DBPowerAmp has been rock solid for so long that I suspect I have something else in my system that is interfering.

    Any clues where to start looking?


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    Re: CD Ripper - Having trouble getting started after a couple years away.

    I think I discovered my problem.
    Somehow I've got multiple versions of DPPowerAmp CD ripper installed. Running the newest version runs just fine. Now to figure how to purge the old version.


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