I have noticed that I can choose [on the fly] the number of cores for each individual conversion. But to make this a permanent choice I have to create a DSP Effect by the name o Multi-CPU Force. And this helps but still is not efficient enough - because I have to do this repeat that for every file format that dBpoweramp is able to produce

So is there a some other overall option that could assigned a chosen number of cores to all of the dBpoweramp tasks just with one choice?

And also

Would it not be convenient for the user to be able to specify an "X-1" value - i.e. to tell dBpoweramp to use all cores except 1 [or 2, 3 etc.]? Today this might seem over the top but in a couple of years something like 12 cores could be a mainstream hardware. And I bet the many users will not remember to change that setting in a couple of years - especially those who will export their settings from the Registry

Or is there already such an option?

For now I can see a workaround: to select something like 60 out of 64 cores, thus leaving 4 in just to be sure that dBpoweramp will not crash the system in the distant future. But If I do this now then in the present I will be using only 2 out of 6 of my cores - so to remedy this I would need to select rather something like 63 instead of 60 cores. But then again- in the future when I will load on a new machine my old [i.e. current] settings by adding a REG file to the Registry, I will not remember to adjust the CPUs settings - and could end using up 63 out of 64 cores, thus possibly throttling the system every time when executing a dBpoweramp task

And what exactly is this "do not apply to specific processors" option available for that "Multi-CPU Force" DSP Effect?

If I am advanced user who knows which of my cores are the best for that type of work - I should leave that option unchecked? But if I do not have such knowledge and / or do not care for maximizing my performance then - I should select that option?