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Thread: Another method for Detecting c2 Support....

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    Another method for Detecting c2 Support....

    Hey Spoon... very wet behind the ears Newbie here..... Haven't even downloaded dbAmp yet, but will in the coming weeks. Been doing my info recon and trial stage tests prior to committing to digitizing my large and still growing CD collection.

    I wanted to suggest a modification to your C2 detection instructions that suggest using "a black permanent marker pen draw a triangle onto the silver side of the CD". I found a work-around that doesn't require permanently destroying a CD to perform this test. Instead, use some clear packaging tape, and apply a thin portion in the same range of the CD as your instructions... a centimeter or more from the inner ring so the TOC is readable. Then use the marker trick overtop the tape. Once the test is confirmed, the tape can be removed and the CD is back in its original condition. Be sure to use tape that is non-prone to leaving a sticky residue when removed for this process.

    Cheers... I'm sure I'll be digesting much of the other info already here in the forums to come.
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