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Thread: Genre duplication issue in CD ripper (Alternative Rock)

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    Genre duplication issue in CD ripper (Alternative Rock)

    When I do large CD ripping projects I also use Foobar2000 to monitor the Genre categories to make sure the ripped CD's are in the correct genre category. I've noticed that for some reason I get two Alternative Rock genre listings, one shows the largest amount of discs that I've ripped in the past and lately this second Alternative Rock is showing up in Foobar when I select Alternative Rock from the Genre drop down in CD ripper.

    I've tried copying and pasting "Alternative Rock" from the CD files that are in the "correct" category into CD rippers genre drop down and I've tried editing the genre list by also pasting what I thought was the correct Alternative Rock tag but it doesn't stop the second category from appearing on recently ripped CD's.

    Oddly, I pasted Alternative Rock into Batch Converters ID Tag DSP option and it works to combine the newly ripped discs into the Alternative Rock category.

    Anyone have any idea why this is happening with that genre and how to correct it?

    Thanks in advance.
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