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Thread: Transfer EAC Lifetime (EAC) license from dying laptop?

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    Transfer EAC Lifetime (GD3) license from dying laptop?

    I'm not going to go into too much detail on the issue with the computer I use, but it's not an unusual issue as it happens enough you know to test for it before you bother spending too much time on the machine. The machine has a 2013 ownership date in the BIOS, so it's ~8 years old at this point and it was almost 9 years old at the time I got it so I thought I was in the clear :(. I'm not happy about the situation.
    Basically I use a Latitude E6440 (Intel IGP) for my CD ripping with EAC, and my motherboard has problems with the USB ports on the right side - lower right side USB port is failing but sort of works to the point light cables behave, but anything cable heavy disconnects due to the port failure. It's over once it starts.
    The issue isn't the machine - I researched the cost of repair and reinstalling Windows vs. dumping the laptop. The board is $220 for a chassis assembly new, or $100 for the bare board (refurbished). I've seen them go for similar money (or less for i5 units) complete sans hard drive. If I dump the laptop, I can backup my stuff, wipe the SSD and install Windows on the replacement and it's over. I need to do that anyway with my Win10 license, so why not dump the laptop if it's literally as expensive as the board? I'll buy another one and reuse the parts I can carry, especially if I buy something similar.

    My issue is the Lifetime EAC GD3 license - it was setup on my dying laptop, and now I'm in a position it's time to part ways with the computer but there's a piece of software that was purchased on the laptop, thinking I found a good one. Is there a way to transfer this, or does my retirement of the laptop include a $7 penalty in addition to whatever I buy next (or if I decide to take something I own, $7 penalty)?
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    Re: Transfer EAC Lifetime (GD3) license from dying laptop?

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but this forum is for dbpoweramp not EAC.

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