I'm ripping a CD collection and after a few dozen discs with not a single error I hit a snag. Four alternate takes, the first four non-previously published tracks either could not be verified or had read errors. The first one rescanned many times before I hit skip track. The next three were the same, so I skipped them quickly. The final two (after the four problem tracks) scanned just fine and were verified accurate. So the question is, were the tracks unreadable or were they just not found in the database to be verified as accurate? The CD appears to be in excellent condition, not even a fingerprint, but there is a concentric circle and I can't tell if that's a defect or not (doesn't appear as such). The four tracks play in the CD player just fine, no skipping or anything that sounds wrong. So how should I handle this? Turn off the error checking and if they sound okay let it go? BTW, the CD is "From The Hot Afternoon" by Paul Desmond... in case anyone has the same issue.