I think over the years I have bought 3 updates of dBpoweramp. Currently I am running dBpoweramp 15.x which still does a good job. Although I don't collect what I would call obscure taste of music I never was really happy with the metadata. Even in those cases when metadata was provided I had to reedit a lot because of false names, missing remix names and most of all bad quality of the cover. I mainly collect soul, funk and boogie from 79-83, jazz from the 70s and early 80s and also house music from approx. 1995 to more recent years. Today - also because there isn't really any metadata source left for 15.x - I have to enter 95%+ of the data by hand.

Discogs has always been a good source to find really obscure information or stuff you wouldn't find elsewhere.

I have been a "silent" user for most of the time but recently I not only started to enter part of my collection in Discogs (after 1,000 discs I already realized how much money I have "wasted" instead of saving it or buying a better house) but also started to contribute which is fun as it's nice to give back to the community.

Anyway...my question is...how good does dBpoweramp work with Discogs? What are the shortcomings? How well does it detect the correct release when there are multiple pressings etc. available?
I would be more than happy to buy yet another upgrade to 17.x but it only makes sense to me when it takes good advantage of Discogs.

Your opinions and experience is highly appreciated! Thank you.